View Full Version : FrogLube Dealers Wanted

12-01-2011, 11:50 AM
PU-Products.com is now the master distributor for FrogLube. Covering all states west of the Rockies. We have been involved with FrogLube since July, 2010.

We are looking for new dealers. FrogLube is growing in popularity among shooters, military and law enforcement. FrogLube is 100% non-toxic and 98% biodegradable. Smells like mint and easy to use, FrogLube dissolves carbon, stops active oxidation and provides long term lubrication.

To learn more about FrogLube CLP, go to www.froglube.com or www.youtube.com and type in 'FrogLube' to see user videos.

Please contact us at pu-products@cox.net for dealer information. Dealers MUST have proof of a valid business license to receive dealer information.

We will be at the Phoenix gun show this weekend. Call Mitch at 619-507-4503 to locate our tables.