View Full Version : WTS piles of parts......

12-01-2011, 12:30 AM
I have as the subject says... "Pile of parts" I have every from 80% lowers to LPKs and uppers... Low end to high end...

If you need help finishing your 80% I can help with that too... I have a full size Bridgeport knee Mill ready to rock.

Please email me @ seesmllc@hotmail.com as I am not on here enough to check this post but I do get emails to my phone. .

Again 80% lowers, Bullet buttons, Lpks, Uppers, scopes, buis, Stocks, mags, ammo etc etc from low end to high end... I am here for you.....

80% Non Anodized lowers $99
80% Anodized lowers $109

It's late I may post some pics if I can get my camera back from a buddy who borrowed it.. EMAIL ME.