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Flyin Brian
11-30-2011, 9:49 PM
I'm going to list up some stuff that has been sitting around here and try to free up some space in my shop. Please do not post in the thread unless it is to say "I'LL TAKE IT". If you have a question, send me a PM, I get them right away by email. All items are located in Antioch and I am in the bay area maybe once a week, so I can meet to deliver possibly. Thanks!!

1) Winchester Power-Shock 300 Win Mag 150 grain - 15 loaded rounds and 25 once fired cases - $15


Flyin Brian
11-30-2011, 10:36 PM
I bought this safe 2 years ago and although it was larger than I needed at the time it has shrunk down to where I can barely fit my collection in it ;)

I found a bigger safe so I am hoping to find a Buyer for this one and make the switch in the next week or so. This safe is VERY well built, and built by AMERICANS in AMERICA!!! It's the same company that you always see at the Nor Cal gun shows and the very friendly gentleman named Leonard is the one I got it from. The size is a 22" X 30" X 60" which they don't make anymore because it was in-between two other standard sizes. This model is the "Lined Safe" model, not the ultimate fire model. I live close to the FD and have an alarm system so I didn't want to lose valuable interior space for the ultimate fire protection. If I lived out in the country I would probably choose differently.

I am looking at the latest price sheet I got from Leonard 3 weeks ago at the Antioch show and here are the prices:

20X30X60 Lined safe is $1,750
22X30X60 No longer made (mine)
24X30X60 Lined Safe is $2,050

So to buy this same safe would probably run about $1,900 and I am offering this up for $1,000 OBO. There is some very minor scuffing on the right side from where my friend helped me move it and it got scratched as we pushed it into his truck. It could be touched up or if you have it against the wall like I do you can't see it. Here is a pic of the inside: PRICE DROP TO $1,000




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