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11-30-2011, 4:52 PM
Can you back out of a gun purchase if you change your mind once the 10 days have started? I was looking at two different shotguns, and I changed my mind and want the other one now.

11-30-2011, 4:56 PM
I think that will be up to the discretion of the dealer. Call them and ask. I don't see why they wouldn't, since you haven't even taken possession and they still have a new gun to sell to someone else. Don't expect your DROS fees to be refunded, though.

11-30-2011, 4:57 PM
Check your paperwork, some places have a restocking fee.

11-30-2011, 5:04 PM
some money hungry dealers may charge extra for restocking even if you are buying another gun from them.

some may not care since you are buying from them anyway. Dros will already be cleared so I believe you could purchase what youd like but I really dont know. Call them for better answers.

Everyone here would not be able to give you an exact answer.

11-30-2011, 5:12 PM
Buy both!

11-30-2011, 5:14 PM
I figured that much. Just didnt know if it was set in stone.

11-30-2011, 5:32 PM
They are both a 870 police shotgun. One just came out of the box mint with standard rifle sights, the other was on the rack and had some handling marks but it had the night sights. Night sight shotgun ratails for more, but I could get them for the same price. I went for the one with the night sights. I figured it was a better buy and it's going to get scratched up anyways.:43:

11-30-2011, 8:14 PM
Don't see why it should be a problem. They could just have you re-write the 4473 with the new shotgun listed. A long-gun is a long-gun.

11-30-2011, 8:31 PM
I started the DROS on a rifle before and decided to change to a more expensive one. Paid the difference and only waited 3 more days since it was already 7 days into the wait. This was from the same dealer btw.

11-30-2011, 8:36 PM
Buy both!


12-01-2011, 10:39 AM
Buy both!

This! lol ;)