View Full Version : WTB - Crosman Airgun Model 1322 in .22Cal Pellet

Sam Hainn
02-28-2007, 7:20 PM
Want to Buy: Crosman Airgun Model 1322 - it looks just like the 1377 in the pic, but in 22 caliber pellet instead of 177. If you got one in like new, let me know - in the box, great! I know you can convert a 1377 to 22, but I want the 1322 outright.


Yes I'm serious. I bought a new FN USG FiveseveN from a Calguns dude this past weekend, which was in the For Sale forum, so I'm not futzing around. In my safe is stuff from several ARs, FN FALS, AKs, M1As/M-14s, a bunch of others up to an EDM M96 and a Barrett 82A1, so no wise-cracks!! :D