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02-28-2007, 4:30 PM
So with all of this discussion surrounding the legality of the bullet button, and the definition of a detached magazine; my question would be, is it safe to take my AR to the range with a bullet button installed? :confused:

02-28-2007, 5:58 PM
I've been to the range with my version of the bullet button. All it did was get interest from an RSO.


02-28-2007, 6:04 PM
I have twice already. Went with several mags and used the button to drop the mag every time. No problems, the sky did not fall, a big hole did not open up in the ground and swallow me, no riots or earthquakes ripped the Peoples Republic off the continental craton. I came, I shot my rifles, I left. With a big smile on my face. I even shot my opened up Bushmaster Carbon 15 with a Cproducts 10 round mag and my home made bullet button (made from a cut up regular button and some setscrews).

I had used a dummy bullet on my BB rifles, and an allen key on the Bushmaster. And no, the smile has not left my face since :D .

02-28-2007, 6:38 PM
I did it at Iron Sights in Oceanside, and had a good chat with a cop who thought it was cool, shot it and I refered to Calguns.

02-28-2007, 6:53 PM
Took it to Metcalf (Sheriff ran range), Chabot, Los Altos, and Livermore................... no issues...They didnt care!!!

Drop mag with a tool: Priceless


02-28-2007, 6:55 PM
I took a MM grip and slikphoto grip unit to Angeles and an FBI agent loved the look of my rifle and complimented me. I'll be taking my bullet-button on Sunday or in about 2 weeks. I hope to go Sunday.

02-28-2007, 7:15 PM
BB's are fantastic. :D
I took mine to the range the other day and could not believe that I was able to drop the mag. Next they'll let me eat a main course with the salad fork.:eek:

02-28-2007, 7:16 PM
I've taken bb-equipped rifles to Chabot and Richmond with no problems whatsoever.

02-28-2007, 7:17 PM
BB's are fantastic. :D
I took mine to the range the other day and could not believe that I was able to drop the mag. Next im going to try eating the main course with a salad fork.:eek:

don't get carried away! Just make sure that the salad fork is CA-legal with the minimum tine lengths observed and the get rid of the ergonomic handle that lets you eat rapid bites without refilling your plate.

02-28-2007, 8:49 PM

However, as I've said before - to keep things simple - when you leave the range, I recommend leaving an empty magazine in your rifle when in transit.


02-28-2007, 8:55 PM
Went to Cordova Shooting Center this last weekend with no issue.

03-01-2007, 8:41 AM
That is really good to know everyone. :D

03-01-2007, 8:44 AM
I've taken my BB equipped OLL to Richmond Rod and Gun with no hassles:)

03-01-2007, 9:39 AM
I even have videos of me shooting with mine at our range. However, considering it is in the middle of no where and I was the only one there, it wasn't all that brave. Here in Kern County we don't pay to go shooting and we are the RO.

03-01-2007, 10:10 AM
Went to Cordova Shooting Center this last weekend with no issue.

I was there with my oll friday :)

03-03-2007, 11:11 PM
Thx for the report guys! You guys are giving me more confidence to use the BB as intended instead of how I've been sitting on the fence still loading the other way.

03-03-2007, 11:44 PM
This little factoid should assuage any worry of using the BB:


A1.12 - The SKS rifle with a detachable magazine cannot be changed without using a bullet tip as a tool, thus the regulations conflict with the specific listing of SKS rifles with detachable magazines in the Roberti-Roos Assault Weapons Control Act. DOJ has no authority to contradict existing law.

DOJ Response

The Department disagrees with the comment because any magazine that requires the use of a bullet or any other tool for its removal is a fixed magazine, not a detachable magazine. The SKS with a true detachable magazine does not require a bullet or any other tool to remove and is a controlled assault weapon under Penal Code section 12276. Identifying a bullet as a tool allows for the proper categorization of an SKS with a fixed magazine. Therefore, the SKS referred to in the comment has a fixed, not detachable magazine.
From http://ag.ca.gov/firearms/regs/fsor.pdf


03-04-2007, 9:51 AM
burron cannon guy didnt seem to care at all.