View Full Version : Just picked up my Panda SKS, was it a good deal?

Blaze Kenobi
11-29-2011, 7:59 PM
I just had to show you my new Norinco SKS that i picked up today and bought here from a fellow Calgunner for $275. All matching numbers. The seller inherited and he only put 500 rounds through it. It seems it was never issued to a soldier because it hardly has any scratches and the chrome in the barrel is shiny and was bought when it just arrived in our shores. It came with 100 rnds of Wolf Ammo. Did I score? Or was it just right? That's my Sigma that I also obtained for $275 a few months ago. Now the questions is. Is she too pretty for a trunk gun? Should I get another rifle and keep this one in the safe? Mosin or a Mauser next?