View Full Version : SPF to Elwood. PMAGs for sale, 10\30s and 10\20s - FTF in San Diego; All for $100

11-29-2011, 2:47 PM
Hi there,

I have a qty 8 10\30 round black PMAGs. They were riveted to block more than 30 rounds but I drilled out the rivets and instead use MagBlocks because I like to make the full 30 rounders when out of state.

Second, I have a qty five 10\20 PMAGs that I purchased from RifleGear. These are expoxied so disassemble is not possible.

I am selling the whole lot for $100. Face to face in the San Diego area.

I work in Mission Valley area and live in El Cajon. If you want them tonight, I will be available but don't really want to travel to Fallbrook\Oceanside for $100.

I am also including for free ten MagBlocks that I removed from some other PMAGs I recently sold. They are in great condition and can be used to block any 10\30 rebuild kits you might have.

Feel free to PM me with any questions. I am getting rid of them because they do not drop free in my SCAR and don't feel like sanding them down.

Looks for pics tonight.

I will post pictures later this evening.

11-29-2011, 3:13 PM
I'll take it.

11-29-2011, 3:37 PM
2nd in line

11-29-2011, 3:59 PM
I'll take it.

11-29-2011, 5:02 PM