View Full Version : Taurus PT945

02-27-2007, 11:41 PM
Anybody have any experience with this particular moder
PT-945 45 ACP Taurus?


The SoCal Gunner
02-28-2007, 12:03 AM
Nope, but I have experience with the PT911. Worked flawlessly and came standard with trijicons. The one I have is a quality piece IMO and quite accurate. I should get some more range time with it when I can but I've got a new toy to pick up this Sat.

02-28-2007, 8:04 AM
I had one when they first came out and it was a POS: FTF &/or FTE once or twice every magazine. I wound up sending it back to Taurus for service and traded it for something else (can't remember what) as soon as I got it back. Totally soured me on Taurus products but YMMV. Good luck.