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11-28-2011, 7:53 PM
BRRC Tactical Challenge
Precision Rifle Field Match

Saturday December 17th
Sign in 0700
BRRC Castaic Range
$20 per person

This will be an individual event limited to 15 competitors

The match will be fired from multiple stations in the canyon, competitors must carry all items they will need for the day.
Laser rangefinders and switching rifles prohibited.

Only misses will be scored, lowest score wins

Station 1;
Position; Standing offhand
Distance; UKD
Scoring; One target, two rounds maximum

Station 2;
Position; Sitting or Kneeling
Distance; UKD
Scoring; One target, two rounds maximum

Station 3;
Position; Prone unsupported (sling ok)
Distance; UKD
Scoring; One target, two rounds maximum

Station 4;
Position; Prone supported (bipod, rucksack, etc.)
Distance; UKD
Scoring; One target, two rounds maximum

Station 5;
Position; Prone supported
Distance; UKD
Each shooter will engage a moving target with 10 rounds under a time limit,

Station 6;
Pistol/Rifle transitions
Each shooter will engage 10 pistol targets and multiple rifle targets with two rounds each from various positions and ranges under a time limit

Please contact Gary Eliseo to sign up
directions to range available at

12-13-2011, 8:45 PM
We still have a few spots open, everyone is welcome, come shoot among friends.

12-18-2011, 6:15 PM
2011 BRRC Tactical Challenge IV AAR
For the last event of the year we went back to the “field” match format where we start by
hiking in to the back of the canyon and started the match with the “legacy’ positions
stages. Offhand, sitting or kneeling and unsupported prone stages without the benefit of a
groomed firing line made it more challenging than it normally would be. We then moved
back to fire the supported prone stage, engaging an 8” diameter plate at 600+ yards from
an awkward firing point proved to be much more difficult than it sounds. The next stage
was a combination of timed exposure drills and moving targets, carried out at an
unknown distance of about 400 yards. Then was a little run and gun stage were the
competitors moved through a course about 150 yards long transitioning between rifle and
pistol targets from about 3 yards to about 300 yards, all under a six minute time limit, the
shooters time was kept to be used as a tie breaker, which proved to be needed. The final
stage was a multiple target engagement drill, an exercise testing the shooters use of his
scopes reticle for hold over shots at various distances, 2 moa targets at 200-300 and 600
yards were fired upon twice in a one minute time window. In the end there was a tie for
first place between Martin Tardif and Allen Thomas as well as a tie for third between
Gary Fowler and Gary Eliseo, the times we recorded during stage six was used to sort
that out and the results are as follows;

1. Martin Tardif, Gold, $40
2. Allen Thomas, Silver, $30
3. Gary Fowler, Bronze, $20
4. Gary Eliseo, $10
5. Mark Gravitt
6. Jeff Mendoza
7. Dennis Santiago
8. Vlad Sanda
9. Al Morita
10. Sean Flannery

I’d like to thank Randy Tessiedere for helping me to set up the range on Friday, for
keeping stats and helping to run the match, I’d also like to thank all the competitors
who came out this year to support the match, I hope everyone who participated in this
event has come away with the sense that their shooting skills benefited from the
experience, I know mine have.
Best regards, Gary Eliseo

01-09-2012, 8:08 PM
Sounds like it was fun. Maybe I'll sign up for the next match

01-15-2012, 2:59 PM
Man that sounds fun! UKD targets not shot off of the bench, awesome!

01-15-2012, 9:13 PM
Next match is scheduled for 3-24-12, I'll be announcing it here
Thanks Gary