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02-27-2007, 9:49 PM
How many of you guys do this?

Every now and then I unload the safe just to check everything out. I do this a couple times a year and I always find a couple "hangar queens", guns I haven't shot for some time. This time, they were a Star Modelo Super in 9mm Largo and a Taurus PT-58 .380. I decided to take these two oldies to the range just for something different.

The Star is a full-size 1911 type pistol. It was very accurate and a pleasure to shoot. I did have a couple failures to extract, but I suspect the cheap surplus ammo might have been a factor. I have a couple boxes of the Speer Blazer Gold Dot but I'm saving those since we may not see anymore in 9mm Largo.

The little Taurus is a strange combination. It's a medium sized pistol with a thick grip and a 13-rd capacity. It's sorta small, but sorta big. For it's size I'd prefer a 9mm like the P7, but the 13 rd capacity makes it interesting. Maybe a new housegun for the wife. It shot very well, and suffered zero malfunctions. At 7 yards it tore up the center of the silhouette target doing double and triple taps. I can see where it just might make more sense that the wife's current selection, a 2" .38. 13 is better than 6, no?

Next week it's the safe at work that gets inspected. I have a few there I haven't shot in a long time!

Mssr. Eleganté
02-27-2007, 10:16 PM
I always forget that I have a Walther PPK. Then I'll be digging through the back of the safe and it's like, "Nr na-na nr nr, nr nr nr nr na-na nr nr, nr nr nr NR NRRRR, nr nr nrrrrr!" SWEET! A Walther PPK !!!

BWAH-DA, D'-DA, DA DA DAH! (http://www.type03.net/movies/bond.mp3)

09-21-2007, 3:51 PM
Ok I know this is an old thread but I found it doing a search for the 9mm Largo. I also have a Llama 1911 style pistol chambered in 9mm Largo and it is also a great shooter, functions flawlessly with any kind of Largo ammo i run through it. Then I see your in Madera Ranchos, Iam in Fresno. Do you have a table at the Fresno show sometimes? I bought some Largo ammo from a guy there, the old Blazer stuff. When I use the Llama for a house gun I load it with a 9x23 Winchester JHP which of course chambers fine in the largo and is a little hotter hollow point that Iam sure will be fine for 10 rounds if I needed it in a defense situation. I have test fired it in my gun along with some light .38 Super rounds and they all function great. Iam sure the .38 Super would shoot the gun loose over time, even the light loads are stronger than Largo standard ammo.