View Full Version : Gen 4 Night Vision Monocular

11-28-2011, 6:39 AM
http://www.tnvc.com/shop/images/3038/?400,250,3828367225I have a Gen 4 Mini-14 night vision monocular in great condition. This is an item that is almost never available in the civilian market. It cost over $4700 new, but I have two and dont need the second one. The night vision devise comes with helmet mount and head strap mount for use without a helmet. I also have a PASGT and a MICH ballistic helmet available for $200. The devise can be used as a night vision weapons sight with the appropriate mount. Here is the link to the company website were they are selling the same sight, but in Generation 3:
Considering they are selling a Gen 3 at $3700, This price of $3500 I am selling it at is a steal. I accept payments through paypal in order to protect both parties from getting ripped off. If interested please contact me at SOTSinfo@gmail.com. I do not check this forum very often so email is the best method to contact me through.
Here is the link to the gen 4 for sale: