View Full Version : Complete slide assembly for Glock 19/23 - red dot Trijicon RMR-A ($875)

11-27-2011, 11:50 PM
Selling my complete TSD-19 setup. It's a complete upper slide assembly to a Glock 19, and will work on a Glock 23 frame. This will work on any Gen 1-3 Glock 19/23.

Complete upper slide assembly with LWD slide, and it's reliable. I ran this on my Glock and put 400+ flawless rounds through it. It has a new factory Glock recoil spring, and all factory Glock internals (plunger, firing pin, extractor, etc). The included 9mm stainless LWD barrel is new and unused. I did have a machine shop try to sand down the logo, but they were only able to get most of it off since they put it on deep. The barrel has not been shot out of - I used my factory G19 barrel since I wanted the black look. The Trijicon RMR-A has been sighted in to co-witness with the suppressor sights at 25 yards, and it's extremely accurate with the adjustable LED red dot sight. It's the Trijicon RM07 sight LED 6.50 MOA red dot with adjustable brightness (purchased in May 2011, so both the TSD-19 slide and RMR-A it still under complete warranty with OST and Trijicon). The battery will last for more than a year if you leave the red dot on 24/7 (not that I do, but others have tested & proven this).


Here are some pics I took a few hours ago.




Here are some pics of it on my G19.




12-01-2011, 3:18 PM
bump. added some additional specs to the RMR-A