View Full Version : looking for input on a scope mount for Glock 17,

02-27-2007, 12:40 PM
I wanted to ask the group what scope mount is recommended. My son will be shooting a new G17 with the advantage arms .22 conversion with a 30mm red dot scope in steel challenge. The 2 scope mounts that look like they would work and keep the gun light would be the CARVER mount or the Glockmeister model.
Anyone out there use either and have any pro or cons?


02-27-2007, 5:09 PM
Take a look at this site they have a real nice mount for Glocks. They also have real nice Glock packages.


02-27-2007, 5:40 PM
i have a carver cmore mount on my g35 open gun.
works great and is lite.

02-27-2007, 5:51 PM

give bobby carver a call. real nice guy and informative!
plus you can get the thumb rest mounted for free usually if you request it if you buy it with the mount.


03-01-2007, 5:46 AM
I'll drop him a line
If I had a C-Moore scope I would love to try out that mount from www.sjcguns.com. Thanks for the info

03-01-2007, 8:23 AM
I have a Carver and while a well built and stable mount its was too far forward for my liking. I redrilled the holes in the top plate and moved it back about 1", much nicer.

The SJC mouth requires drilling the frame, something to think about.

The other mounts I've seen (made so you can retain the stock sights) way too high.

03-01-2007, 3:58 PM
Are you going to be at this weekend's steel challenge?

Dr. Optics makes a small red dot that replaces the rear sight, which you've probably seen already. It's a hell of a lot easier to mount, but doesn't give you the field of view a larger scope will.

Why not just have the kiddo shoot SSP with the Glock 17 in 9mm or Iron sighted rimfire?

03-01-2007, 5:05 PM
We both will be missing this months Steel challenge, Its his Birthday and he has a bunch of kids staying overnight Saturday.
I had an Tasco Optima before they stopped making them on
my G20 and that was great. I might have to get a new Doctor sight if they mount don't work out.
I do not want to do any mods to the gun, just sold the 2nd gen to get a 3rd gen with the rails (plus green color ) so I could use the mounts.
I'm hoping to have him work up to 9mm this year so my daughter can start with the .22


03-01-2007, 7:51 PM
Avoid the single sided scope mounts as they can be canted when mounted. The Carver mount is pretty solid.