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11-26-2011, 9:23 PM
OK - grandpa is going to build a BOB for my grand daughter.
Got some pediasure, diapers, wipes, desenex, sunblock
Spare outfit socks and shoes
Jacket, beanie.

Any ideas suggestions etc. - wife input appreciated.

11-26-2011, 9:27 PM
Id say maybe a toy or book of some kind. It will help keep them occupied in case you do need to bug out or bad things are happening.
Maybe small first aid kit also, childrens asprin, neosporen and band aids for common kid boo boo's.
Hmmm other then that I think you should be good.

11-26-2011, 9:34 PM
pictures of her close loved ones... my son's school earthquake kits requested family pics and i thought this was a good idea. the family could be separated at any given time and the photo will help kids cope.

11-26-2011, 10:10 PM
Identification. Just in case something happens to you so someone knows who to contact. Also, any medical allergies, etc with an identification card.

11-26-2011, 10:46 PM
good ideas all - thanks

11-27-2011, 4:45 AM
Take everything you would put in your Diaper bag. Dont forget the rash ointments as you will not likely change the diaper as often being on the move or their clothes.

Warm clothes (better to be too warm than cold) and powdered electrolyte (pediasure) packets. Toys and a stuffed animal. Pictures of you in a pocket on them so if you get separated, your information is on them for others to find.

Small air mattress to keep them off the ground for warmth. Sippy cup and other serving dishes utensils and some way to clean them.

Repeat after me, water filtration and hand washing/sanitizer as they will get sick very easily in rough conditions that they may be exposed to.

And lastly, dont forget meds (OTC and prescription) your child uses frequently.

If your BOB/INCH is for long term and not just a 72 hour kit, think about bringing some cloth diaper supplies (wrap, liner, soap, bag, etc) to use when you run out of disposable supplies.

So, in a list:

Clothing (in water proof bag)
Diapers (in water proof bag), wipes (double the amount of wipes as you can use to bath the child), and bag (for used diapers and wipes)
Butt paste (or equiv) http://www.amazon.com/Boudreauxs-BLAIREX450973-BOUDREAUXS-BUTT-PASTE/dp/B001190D5Q/ref=sr_1_cc_2?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1322400793&sr=1-2-catcorr
OTC and Prescription meds (Tylenol, Zyrtec, Motrin)(antibiotics, ointments, etc)
Comb, tooth brush/paste, nail clippers
Lots of packable snacks
Pedialyte Oral Electrolyte packets http://www.amazon.com/Pedialyte-Electrolyte-Maintenance-Powder-Variety/dp/B003JM8B2K
Air mattress (2 of these and some duct tape http://www.amazon.com/Intex-68671E-Camping-Flocked-Pillow/dp/B000P0OXAI/ref=sr_1_2?s=outdoor-recreation&ie=UTF8&qid=1322401084&sr=1-2)
Casualty blanket (super light-weight silver blanket)
Soap and hand sanitizer
Sun screen, bug spray, lip balm, talc powder
Toys, books, stuffed animal, entertainment
Pics of family with contact info written on back
Birth certificate

11-27-2011, 8:14 AM
Childrens pain and fever reducer.

11-27-2011, 8:46 AM
Sun hat, brimmed hat for added sun protection.

Onesy, Jumpsuit with feet, their bodies don't regulate heat well at night.

Doll or toy they sleep with.

11-27-2011, 9:53 AM
some disposable diapers are nice but I would pick up some washable ones (though the thought of cleaning them is nasty) but I would rather clean them then not have anything after the disposables were done. Others covered the needed things. ID would include birth certificates.

11-27-2011, 9:55 AM
UHT Milk. My kids love that stuff.

11-27-2011, 6:27 PM
Above are all very good suggestions. I have a three year old and in addition to your normal stuff in our emergency kit we have a stuffed animal, photo's of loved ones, a few small toys, her medical records, children's medicines, books, and extra lights. In addition for the "at home" emergencies such as earth quakes, power outages and things like that I've loaded some of her movies on my laptop that can be powered by it's on board battery and charged off one of the cars or our generator.

11-28-2011, 1:16 PM
This is a really great idea. I have a 5 month old and you never know what's going to happen. I will have to build one for her.

11-28-2011, 1:49 PM
Thanks for all the ideas guys - got some stuff on order and a plan...

ETA - A couple things I thought were a good deal - use the calguns referral link in my sig

3 pack of dry sacks (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001AZNATC/ref=oh_o06_s00_i02_details) - around $11

Pack of ten mylar blankets (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000GCRWCG/ref=oh_o06_s00_i03_details) - $8

11-28-2011, 5:24 PM
We are graduating out of it as our child is growing up but my wife would carry this as her BOB. It allowed us to carry both our child and the supplies for them.


It is the Kelty FC 3.0 Child Carrier