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02-26-2007, 7:41 PM
I just picked up what I think is a really good deal and I want to share it. I've been shopping for a new safe of the 8-12 gun variety; basically about 5' tall and 2' square at the base.

I went to the local Liberty Safe dealer and my jaw hit the floor with how nice those safes are. But, way out of my price range. I was shown some "lock-out" safes which I had not heard of before. Essentially, somebody at the factory locks the safe with the combination inside and ships it. So, a few well trusted folks at liberty are shown how to drill out the lock and unlock the safe without damaging it...too much. I was offered a selection of lock-outs for $499 in the 17cu.ft. size which is basically the size I described above.

For that price I was given my choice of a Liberty Centurion, Craftsman, or Remington. All three are made by Liberty I was told. I chose the all black Craftsman with a spankin new Liberty lock.

Anyway. I got all 400 lbs. of it in the house and couldn't be happier. Nice powder coat finish, solid hardware, and a decent job of the felting on the interior. It comes with cap shelves for the two rifle racks and four extra shelves for the bracket rails. I put all six on and it's great for pistols and ammo. When you're out looking for a quality safe but on a budget ask for a lock-out. I think this safe goes for about $900 at Sears.

02-27-2007, 3:46 PM
Yes, the Liberty safes are nice.
I picked up my, practically new, Liberty Colonial on craigslist for 300.00
The lady forgot the combonation, so I gave the guys at Liberty the Serial
and for 25.00 they gave me the combo:)

3 months of searching really paid off