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11-25-2011, 4:07 PM
Again, due to the general stupidity of some of the people on this forum. I DO NOT HAVE THIS ANYMORE. Should be obvious since the title and price both have said SPF since December 6 of 2011. Get a clue, or maybe learn how to read. The next PM I get about this rifle is getting a very rude reply.

Make: Mossberg

Model: Tactical 22

Caliber: .22lr

Location (city or county): Hemet, CA 92544

Price: $SPF with all accessories, $SPF for rifle + magazines, buyer pays DROS

Will ship (Y/N): will ship FFL to FFL, buyer pays shipping, will split cost if purchased with all accessories.

Other info:
Bought this rifle from another user on the forum for $SPF with the 4 10-round magazines about a month ago. Good shooter, pretty accurate even with a novice shooter like me at the trigger. I purchased a tapco carry handle mount, the grip pod, a UTG 4x32 scope. Also installed a slip on muzzle brake. I am keeping the sightmark holographic to use on the next gun I am purchasing, but will include the 45 degree weaver mount with the sale. Just zeroed the scope earlier this week.
Would like to see $SPF for everything, will sell just the rifle and magazines for $SPF. Buyer pays all transfer fees. Willing to drive up to 30-ish miles from where I live in Hemet for transfer.

I like this gun and its fun to shoot, but I just bought a GSG 522 PK and am buying a GSG 5 SD this weekend, so I will probably not be shooting this often enough to justify keeping it.

Picture of gun, Sightmark sight is not included.

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11-29-2011, 9:13 PM
I will sell for either $250 for the fully loaded rifle, or $200 for just the rifle and magazines, there is something I really want to buy, and need the money to do so, can meet at FFL within a reasonable distance of Hemet, CA.

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i like ; let's see what happens on my first bid on gunbroker.com; be cool !