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02-26-2007, 4:36 PM
Monsterman, coldwar shooters has your new grip on their website and it isn't marked "Out of Stock"; so I just want to make sure that you have indeed shippped the new monsterman grips to them before I buy one. I was under the impression they weren't out.


02-26-2007, 4:38 PM
They are not released yet, CWS is taking preorders for them.

02-26-2007, 4:46 PM
No MMGs yet. Cold War Shooters got antsy and started a pre-sale. There is nothing wrong with that and lets you guys get in line first.

When you see them for sale on my website, that means I have them and will be shipping them on the next Wednesday or Sunday. After the Fulton debacle of 2005, I don't sell anything I don't have.

Well with exception of the 10/10 magazines. It isn't my fault C Products is taking forever!

02-26-2007, 5:07 PM
What is different about the "new monsterman grips"?

02-26-2007, 5:08 PM
New material, new grip angle, new texture etc. Also they are no longer made in his garage ;) .

02-26-2007, 5:31 PM
What is different about the "new monsterman grips"?

The old grips were made in my garage. They were hand sculpted and made from a plastic type material. The material itself was ok for bench shooting and casual stuff, but it isn't as strong as professional stuff.

I had the grip redesigned and it is now injection molded out of a glass filled nylon. It is very very strong. The grip was designed off of a CAD model of a AR15 receiver. So the fit is exact. I have tried it myself on three different brand receivers and it fit perfect. I know I have sold a few samples to people and they have all reported that the fit was excellent. So the fit is much better that the older one as well.

The changes in the design are:

1- the grip is longer, for more comfort and a better fit for all hand sizes.

2- it protrudes at more of an angle. I pushed it as far as I thought I could get away with. (not in legality, but in a workable design.)

3- it is fatter, again for more comfort and controllability.

4- the knurling is about the same as what you would find on a standard A2 grip.

5- the new grip features a MMG logo. Not a feature improvement, but it makes it look a bit better.

All in all, the new grip is 100% better than the garage made grip. It is kinda sad actually when you compare the two.

They should be out soon. Keep your fingers crossed.

02-26-2007, 5:39 PM
I can vouch for the improvements being noteworthy. I purchased an sample unit and even though it is not a final correct unit it is leaps above the old one. The old grip was nice, but feels garage made after playing with the new one. The final one is supposed to be even better then my sample.

02-26-2007, 8:09 PM
What is different about the "new monsterman grips"?

way big difference!! i got one of the samples,painted it and put it on my rifle and its sweet.heres the pics:

02-26-2007, 9:44 PM
The suspense is killing me!

02-27-2007, 7:59 AM
Btw why is c products taking forever?