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11-23-2011, 10:26 AM
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We're thankful for our loyal customers!
Tired of that beat up old stock on your AK? Need a few extra magazines for your firearm? Looking for authentic slings to give your weapon that extra pizzazz?

This Thanksgiving, K-Var is offering 15% OFF of ALL Stock Sets, Magazines, and Slings!

http://www.k-var.com/shop/images/ads/emails/thanksgif.gif (http://www.k-var.com/shop/home.php?cat=329)

Need to avoid that neighbor that brings over the awful fruitcake? Our NEW U-SPY Door Viewers are only $8.99! They offer a 210į view of the area outside your door so you can remain safe from dubious desserts!

http://www.k-var.com/shop/images/ads/emails/uspy.png (http://www.k-var.com/shop/product.php?productid=16171&cat=267&page=1)http://www.k-var.com/shop/images/ads/emails/poster.png (http://www.k-var.com/shop/home.php?cat=267)

Also, deck your halls with K-Var exclusive Posters! Regularly $9.99, but marked down to a low $4.99 for this holiday weekend!

Donít forget to enter your coupon code TURKEY2011 during the checkout process!

Worried Grandma might get run over by a reindeer? Need to defend your home from the zombie elves?
Watch for our Cyber-Monday deal on rifles!