View Full Version : Uberti 1873 Winchester .44 WCF Carbine FS

Val E. Forge
11-21-2011, 9:38 AM
Make: Uberti - SOLD -Model: 1873 Winchester Saddle Ring Carbine

Caliber: .44-40 (.44 WCF)

Location (city or county): Modesto CA

Price: $875.00 Firm and No Trades

Will ship (Y/N): Yes

Other info: Was worked on by renown cowboy gunsmith David Chicoine so it functions flawlessly. Receipts for work done available upon request. Includes all accessories listed UNLESS they are purchased seperately by another party before carbine is sold; think of this as an "act now" incentive. Tang sight and carbine manual will NOT be sold seperately, however. Price of carbine will remain the same even if some or all of accessories are sold ahead of time. Accessories include:

Lyman # 2 Tang sight (installed on carbine) with sight box, sight instructions, extra apeture, and original carbine tang screw before sight was added. Will NOT be sold seperately

12 Lyman Silver Star .44 WCF snap caps, designed specifically for lever guns $14.00 plus $4.75 Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation for six or $20.00 plus $4.75 USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation for 12 if sold seperately.

11 .44 WCF Dummy Rounds $11 plus $5 USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation if sold seperately.

Uberti Carbine Manual (Will NOT sold seperately).

One 0.36" (NOT 3/8" and NOT 5/16") diameter custom WOOD one piece cleaning rod with one brass 10 X 32 female threaded end. It is well sanded and linseed oiled. Just under 24" length. The 0.36" diameter is CUSTOM to the .44 WCF (which is actually .427) so that maximum diameter is possible (for maximum rod strength) but still narrow enough to be used with

Custom brass muzzle guard which will also serve the

One 11/32" (0.344") diameter solid BRASS one piece custom cleaning rod. Both ends with 10 X 32 female threads, one end tapered and one knurled. The jag on the tapered end is removeable and included. Just under 24" length.

(BOTH rods AND muzzle guard will be offered as a set ONLY for $20.50 plus $9.50 Priority Mail with delivery confirmation if sold seperately. Sorry about the high freight on this one, but with the two foot length and having to add a wood piece to stablize the package, it is the best that I can do).

One reproduction period "string wiper" from 1880's Winchester Catalog. This is a black cord, approx 24" long, with brass 5/16" diameter 10 X 32 female ferrules at each end. One ferrule accepts a slotted tip and the other a 10 X 32 to 8 X 32 adapter, which serves as a weight to guide it down the bore. It is a "Victorian Otis Kit" if you will. $11.00 plus $4.75 USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation

One MODERN custom cut Otis flex rod with fixed .30-.45 slotted tip and threaded T handle, approx 24" long. $10 plus $4.75 USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation

If more than one accessory is purchased seperately a shipping discount WILL be given since all (except cleaning rods) are sent USPS Priority Flat Rate.

I have some more photos available upon request.

Buyer pays cost of firearm, actual shipping (send zip code), tax if any, and any and all FFL transfer fees.

Please email paulmilligan2000@yahoo.com if interested. I prefer email to PM.