View Full Version : SOLD ...... WTS-*lower price* Israel made Desert Eagle .44 mag & ATI GSG-5 .22 Obo

11-20-2011, 4:59 PM
Selling a almost like new Desert Eagle .44 mag black. Made in Israel and fire less than 50 rounds. (just test the gun) This was a display collection in my part and installed a scope in it just for looks. I bought this just right before it was off list for California. After I got it just test fire and zero the red dot scope at the same day and cleaned and displayed it ever since. I bought extra mag (I think it's rose gold color) It looks like new, really new. There is a slight imperfection of the metal where I put the scope mount. When I took it off thats when I saw it. No scratches or mount marks other than that. Pls see picture. It's small and barely seen. Bought this at Turners and spend at least $2000. A wrap around grip install but the original is still available. I am selling this for $1400 ***Desert Eagle**S O L D**********

I am also selling an ATI GSG-5 .22 (made in Germany) Sold by ATI. I think at that time. This has less than 300 rounds to date. I am not much of a shooter I am more on a a collector. Stock had been change and installed front rails with extra magazine. Condition wise it's very well taken care of. No signs of even a heavy use. Selling it for $400. *****SOLD*****

Thank you every one for looking.

I only deal locally. I will not ship. Buyer pays all fee. I am in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley Area. We will deal Turner Outdoorsman in Reseda. I will give my remaining ammo. Please PM and we will start from there. Thank you. Price is always negotiable.

11-30-2011, 12:58 PM
I will take the GSG-5 per our PM conversation.