View Full Version : Strike Industries and JTech Gear Vendors Wanted

11-19-2011, 3:39 PM
Why carry SI/J-Tech?
Our main office is located in Santa Ana, California. We are a small operation consisted of avid shooters, hobbyists, and designers. We take pride in our customer service and vendor relations. We believe that to gain loyalty is to give loyalty. Our company offers many incentives to our vendors and we do not treat our small “Mom & Pop” companies any different from our big corporate vendors. Here is a short list of our dealer incentives for our vendors such as:

Drop Shipment
Web Support
Sale Incentives
Promotional Support
Marketing Support

Company Overview:
Strike Industries was established on October 2010 in Santa Ana, California by avid shooters and gunsmiths. We design and manufacture firearm accessories at the highest quality while maintaining an affordable price. Our innovative polymer accessories are made of PX Polymer; comprised of the same material as G10 Polymers. The reason for PX’s very competitive pricing is its molding process. Strike Industries formulated a procedure to reduce the manufacturing process, which still attains G10-like qualities but without the prices. Besides polymer, SI also designs/machines innovative CNC products of surgical precision quality. All accessories are given the proper attention to detail and extensive processes in quality control

J-Tech Gear is a registered trademark by Steady Flying Enterprises, CO. LTD. This Taiwanese company was founded in 1988 originally as a distributor of U.S.-made tactical gear surplus for Taiwan. Soon after, SFE started manufacturing nylon tactical gear, based on the same material and specs as its U.S. counterpart. This then caught the attention of Japan and other Southeast Asian countries who have commissioned J-Tech in creating their military’s standard issue gear. The U.S. also commissioned J-Tech in making the M7 TAC vest which the Homeland Security used following the 1911 terrorist attacks. For 23 years, SFE/J-Tech has been creating tactical gear with DuPont Denier Nylon, a material many gear manufacturers claim to use but do not.

For more information please contact us at info@strikeindustries.com