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First off My names Jeremy, I'm from northern Calif ( Amador County/Pioneer area.

Being a new father/husband as well as living in the seirra nevada mountains where common predators reside, I have decided to further help support our 2nd amendment rights and do my research as well as hopefully successfully obtain my ccw/ccp license/permit. I have had a few different occurances where I have been chased down the highway by those who have felt road rage is an outcome for being passed in the passing lanes. Having 2 little ones has brought to my attention that I may need to aquire some further protection ( last minute resort).Thankfully My family has not been present during these issues as I would have simply resulted and acted completely differently had they been on board. One occurance had even resulted being chased through a residential area ending at/on a dirt road where the individual was unable to follow.

Please keep in mind that I am of course aware that having to result in the use of lethal force to protect my family and self while in a moving vehical is both legally and morally against the law and in no way am I stating that to be my intension. I hope to never have to result in the use of a firearm to protect my family. With that being said my family and I are both 4x4 enthusiasts and also enjoy the outdoors activities this area has to offer and often do come accross the occassional mountain lion and drunk hunters who have also felt it would be funny to show some sort of offensive behavior.

So, none the less its good to be here and I hope to share as well as gain any further knowledge on not only supporting our rights as Civilian Sheep-Dogs but also to obtain the proper sequence and knowledge to apply as a law abiding citizen for my ccw/ccp.

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