View Full Version : Charles Daly to Mossberg Adapter! *Updated w/ Pics*

02-23-2007, 12:32 PM
I have a Field 3" semi auto and have always wanted to be able to put a pistol grip stock or something besides the factory stock on it. I called CD this week and they said it will be 2 more months and they should have their 22" smoothbore barrel with sights in. This will fit on your 3" field semi. I'm thinking this would make a great HD shotgun.


The reason for this post is that I have designed an adapter that will allow a Mossberg 500 stock to mount on your Charles Daly 3" semi and would like to know if anybody else would be interested.

I'm not sure how many other models it will fit, so I will post pictures and measurements soon. I imagine all field models are the same, but will post measurements to be sure.

Here it is complete. I can't wait until the 22" barrel comes in. I got the 28" on now.

Here's a photo of the 22" barrel.

Here's the adapter. I got'em up in the FS section.

Here's the receiver minus stock. The ring inset measures: (OD) 1.119" or 28.5mm & (ID) .765" or 19.5mm. The depth is 4 mm