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Sideline Shooter
11-16-2011, 6:58 PM
I have a question for all of you canning jar people. I have about 2 dozen mason jars that came from Classico pasta sauce. The jar say's "Atlas Mason" and hash marks from 4 oz to 20oz. Are these jars suitable for actual canning? I know the "real" jars are tempered. I usually just store dry foods in them but wanting to know if these can be used for canning.


sideline shooter

11-16-2011, 7:58 PM
From here:


Can I reuse the ClassicoŽ jar for home canning?
No. A coating is applied at the glass plant to reduce scratching and scuffing. If scratched, the jar becomes weaker at this point and can more easily break. This would increase the risk of the jar breaking when used for canning. Also, the lighter weight of our current jar could make it unsafe for home canning.

Sideline Shooter
11-16-2011, 8:51 PM
Hey thanks for that quick info. I will just keep them for decoration and fill them with coffee beans, salt, sugar etc.

sideline shooter

IDEA: Hmmm, maybe a decorative ammo stocking stuffer with a label "Break glass in SHTF situation" or "Jar of Zombie whip ***!!!" What a great Christamas stocking stuffer!