View Full Version : Crovel tool

11-16-2011, 6:54 PM
this thing looks pretty cool!


11-16-2011, 7:43 PM
I DIG it !!!! Get it? Get it? See what I did there?..... ahhh what do you guys know about comedy anyway.

It is pretty cool, could be handy in a BOB, or even just throw it in the back of the 4x4. Thanks for the link.

11-16-2011, 8:10 PM
It's like an entrenching tool version 2.0

11-16-2011, 8:13 PM
ehhhh. I mean it looks cool but everyone has all those things in thier kits anyways. Everyone has an E-tool, knife, compass, fire starter ect ect so paying another 100 bucks is well not really worth it for a gimmick. Just my 2 cents

11-16-2011, 8:53 PM
It looks to me like more of an anti-zombie gimmick than a functional shovel. That broad flat tip isn't good for digging except in soft sand and isn't bent on the back so you can't easily use your foot, the hollow handle sounds fishy and might bend during prying, and at over $100 is a deal-killer for me.

11-17-2011, 1:30 PM
i'd be afraid to swing that thing, looks like it could do damage to the user as well. Looks cool, but I don't know how practical it would be.