View Full Version : 89 s13 240sx rb25 project car

11-15-2011, 4:57 PM
selling my 89 240sx hatch project.

car is a rolling shell. black missing front fenders.
parts included in the sale:
rb25det w/ transmission
syko performance engine mounts
r33 crossmember
complete r33 harness, uncut
300 zx brakes 30mm aluminum calipers
agency power brake lines
axis ultimate pads
original engine & transmission(for speed sensor)
nrg QR hub
momo wheel
uncut KA harness
s15 cluster
r33 manual ecu
nissan oem rb seal kit
n1 oil pump
n1 water pump
epp crank collar

there's more im forgetting, oh, all of the original underhood components. and more stuff im missing in this post.

as for the swap, it should only need a prop shaft, fuel pump, and cooling setup.

price is 4000.00