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11-14-2011, 3:39 PM

A special to Cal gunners only! I will take care of shipping if you are interested :) Gotta get rid of them so first come first serve! Happy hunting!

Hey everyone selling some of my DVD's as I am getting ready to move. All DVD's are 5 bucks and they all work! if you wanted them ship just add. 1.75 and they will go Media Mail.

The List

Dodge Ball ( Ben Stiller, Vaughn) Pirates of the Caribbean 3 At Worlds End Matrix Revolutions Miami Vice (Foxx, Farrell) = S.P.F Meet The Parents (first one) Braizilian Jiu Jitsu Basics (gene Simco) Borat Civil War Combat History Channel Program (3 DVDs) Predator 2 (danny glover) Rescue Me 1st Season ( 3 DVDs) Stuck on You (damnon kinnear) History of Violence Smokin Aces= S.P.F Sahara (dirk pitt movie) Apt Pupil (90's classic) Audio Slave Live in Cuba

Also selling DVD Stand for 5 bucks as well.

Pix will be posted up later.

11-15-2011, 4:11 PM
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