View Full Version : Help Me Show Carrie Wilson She's Full of It

02-21-2007, 7:02 PM
If you read Western Outdoor News, you might know who Carrie Wilson is. If you don't; she's a DF&G Marine Biologist who writes a Q&A column called DFG Q&A. She answers "reader letters" about DF&G regs and such. I put the quotes in 'cuz the letters have no name or city and seem to be all written in the same manner. Maybe she's just paraphrasing; but it seems to me she might be "answering" questions of current DF&G topics. I could be wrong in my assessment.

OK, on to the BS.

Often, I think her answers are just plain wrong. She's a biologist and often seems unfamiliar with the topics and certainly the reg's.

This week there's one question about AR-15 rifles for coyote hunting. She gets some of it correct about "AW's". I won't give it all here but she ends this one with
"Also, I am not aware of any state or federal land management agencies that have published regulations approving the use of this type of firearm."

I'm sure she's not aware, so her statement is truthful. I've seen letters here? or Jesse's? stating BLM policy allowing "AW's". While probably not a "regulation" it is policy of district managers usually.

Can someone help me out and show me some of those letters? I'm looking for examples from BLM, USFS, USFWS, DF&G and any others.

In her second question, she states there is no regulation for distance from a road that hunters or shooters need to be. I've always thought this to be 150 yards (or am I thinking occupied dwelling) and was even told this by DF&G personnel at a DF&G hunt on state land. Hiway 94 ran along the property and we were told to stay 150 yards away.

I'm gonna start looking around to see what I have, but I'd like your help in straightnening her out. I think the idea of her column is good, but she is very often flat out wrong and telling this to the masses.