View Full Version : Just bought my AKS-74U kit!

02-20-2007, 10:24 PM
Ok, I just bought a Matching numbers AKS-74U kit off of gunbroker for $650. Not a bad deal considering the only other place to get these kits is K-Var for $700+. Also, unlike K-var, it comes with a 30 round mag. Before you all gripe about this, I'm having it shipped to a buddy in Nevada so that he can mod the mag to 10 for me when I come to pic it up. I'm hella excited. This is my dream AK!!!! I plan on doing a gripless CA build with this rifle. Since the barrel is 8 inches I will permanently fix a fake suppressor to it. I will also drill a small hole through the back of the rear receiver trunnion in order to place a small threadded screw through it and secure the screw with a nut. This will allow me to keep the functionality of the stock when I leave CA but also keep it fixed when I'm in CA. Lastly, the 30 rounder will be limited to 10.

I'll post pics of parts when they arrive!