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11-10-2011, 4:17 PM
Thought it wise to start an account here - don't have tons of experience shooting, but looking to start. Starting to look around at handguns, whats available, etc. Eventually looking to start collecting. Anyone else in Santa Barbara a handgun whore looking to show someone the ropes a bit?

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welcome to the forum.

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Just moved away from Santa Barbara after 14 years there. Winchester Canyon Gun Club is definitely worth joining - 120 a year gets you the combination to the gate and they have a fair amount going on. If you're a handgun guy, they do shoot IDPA and have some falling plate matches, but only run matches on Sun AM which messes with some folk's church and family time. Still, active Wed activities on the Shotgun range and good youth activities and such.

Closest serious IDPA is in Piru (ISI) on the 4th sat of the month, or in SLO. Gun shops you have Goleta Valley guns (between Patterson and Fairview on Calle Real) and Wild West Guns (mid State area - near Mission and State). I have bought from both and have found Goleta Valley to be more affordable - although I have gotten some good deals at Wild West.

Cheap ammo from time to time at Big5 but really I've only bought promo loads. Cheap ammo runs to Wal Mart in Santa Maria or Ventura fill in the gaps.

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Welcome StripedSnake! :)

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Welcome Aboard!:hurray:

SoCal Bob
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Welcome to Calguns.

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Hello :)

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Welcome aboard~!

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Thanks for the warm welcome.

Looking to pickup a Springfield 1911 Loaded Parkerized as my first real steel weapon. Going to start price shopping in a week or two.

11-12-2011, 8:35 AM
Welcome to SB -- definitely get a membership to Winchester it's worth a lot!

Free usage M-F (bring your own target stand)
Saves you ~$15 on Sat/Sun (Stands and targets supplied)

11-12-2011, 11:14 AM
I am definitely going to look into getting a Winchester membership - considering its the second closest location to shoot and a bit more open (the other being Shooter's Paradise in Oxnard).

Wish SB didn't have such an uptight sheriff - no chance at getting a ccw in this damn county once I do get proficient enough.

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Welcome to Calguns! :)

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Welcome aboard.

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