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02-20-2007, 6:40 PM
It seems as if the vast majority of people on this site are only interested in
Military class rifles. I have a couple of my own. But one of the sweetest shooting and pure fun rifles that I own is a Remington 742 Carbine in .308. This little beauty wears a Bushnell Scopechief 3x9. Both are about 30 years
old. While not a match accurate rifle, this one makes a lie out of the statement that I've heard, many times about the innaccuracy of Sporter weight barrels in a two piece stock. No, it won't run a high volume of fire through its' 4 round magazines, but that's not what it was meant for. It's not a battle rifle. But if I shoot slowly,(more fun that way, anyway) It will consistantly shoot 1.5 inches at 100 yards. It likes 42 grains of 4895 in Remington Brass, CCi primers and Sierra Match king bullets.:D

02-20-2007, 6:52 PM
I've got a cute remmy 721 in 30-06 with a weaver fixed 4x she'll do nice groups, the 72x guns are under appriciated in my opinion.

02-21-2007, 10:17 PM
Another little Remington I like is the 600/650 series. I can't remember which one had the vent rib. I'd sure like to get my hands on the vent rib model in .308