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11-08-2011, 12:03 PM
I have some camera equipment that I haven't used in a while.

Nikon D2h -- $400
It's a workhorse camera, designed to take a beating a keep rolling.
I bought it used and took great care of it, there are however cosmetic blemishes. For example, the paint on the right thumb rest is a bit worn, and the rubber under the trigger finger is a bit discolored. Functionally everything is there.

Not a super high-resolution camera at 4MP, but it was designed for the photojournalists and sports photographers, so it is still one of the fastest cameras on the market. It can shoot 8 frames/sec for 5 seconds straight, great for catching fast action.

Extremely detailed review at dpreview.com (http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikond2h/page26.asp)

Camera, cap, battery(aftermarket), charger(nikon), and strap (nikon) all included. I might be able to dig up the original box too.

Sigma 100-300 f/4 HSM APO -- $600
This is a great lens from Sigma's EX line (designed for pros). With a constant f/4 aperture, this beast is great for lower light conditions that consumer grade telephotos struggle with.
The HSM focusing motor is quiet and allows you to adjust the focus at any time by just grabbing the ring and turning.

Check out the review here (http://www.photozone.de/Reviews/369-sigma-af-100-300mm-f4-nikon?start=2)

Lens, hood, tripod foot, caps, and padded case on hand. Might have cardboard somewhere as well.

Sigma 12-24 f/4.5-5.6 DG HSM -- $450
Also from Sigma's EX line, this lens is incredibly unique. It is the widest angle zoom lens that can be used on film/full frame cameras like the D3(s)/D700(s)/etc. It compares very well with much more expensive nikon lenses in terms of distortion and is great for landscapes and architecture shots.

Lens, caps, and padded case on hand. May still have cardboard.

Sigma 30 f/1.4 EX DC HSM -- $300
Extremely fast lens, great for walk-arounds and indoors/night photography. Unlike the other two lenses, this ONLY works on nikon's small sensor cameras (IE no film cameras, or D3/D700/etc). The full frame digital cameras can use the lens, but you'll be missing out on the full benefits of the camera.

Lens, hood, caps, padded case, and original cardboard on hand.

All prices listed included USPS shipping w/ insurance**, and are negotiable. (shipping in CA included, elsewhere will be more expensive)

If you're local I'd be happy to meet you somewhere to do hands-on inspection/save on shipping.

If you have questions, would like pictures, or think my asking prices are unreasonable shoot me a PM and I'll be happy to discuss it.

Willing to trade (+/- cash) for:
- US service rifles 1903(A3)/Garand/A2-pattern
- 11mm mount rear aperture sights & globe front sights
- optics/22lr ammo/other things?
- Unlocked/ATT compatible Android smartphone

Thanks for reading through and I hope you'll send me any questions you have.

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what is the lowest you can go on the sigma 30mm?

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