View Full Version : In the Mood to update BoB lately.

11-07-2011, 10:47 AM
Not sure why but I have been in the mood to update my BoB lately.

Added the following replacement items...

1. Midway 2 way radio set with push to talk ear wigs.
2. Solar powered flash light.
3. Solar power charger for iPhone. Not 100% planning to rely on it but I do have lots of useful software apps such as a police/fire scanner, first aid and beyond medical instructions, pharmalogical info., and an outdoor survival guide.If I can keep the iPhone up and running it will be a bonus. If not, well that was expected and I have some training in all the stuff the apps would have helped out with, just not as much as I would like.

These are obviously not the only things in my BoB, it is fully equipped and I've gone over it here before. These are just the most recent additions.

In keeping with the solar powered kick I am on I also purchased a solar powered handsfree bluetooth car kit for my cell phone. Not SHTF, just a new toy.

I've also made some updates to my tactical gear. Got a new plate carrier, new kevlar inserts, new and more useful pouches such as a molle sheath for my USAF survival knife, etc.

Hopefully never need this stuff outside of training courses. My military days are long behind me. But better safe than sorry. Plus since I sell a lot of this stuff it's kinda fun to own it too.