View Full Version : Ruger Alaskan

02-19-2007, 7:33 PM
anyone have one? I looked for 9 months before I happened to find one in a local sporting goods store. got the .454 Casull model because the 44 mag was not approved for California sale yet (was not interested in the .480 Ruger). light 45 Colt loads are very mild. tried a box of 240 gr. 454 Casull magtechs, recoil was not bad! got a box each of 240 gr. and 260 gr. Magtechs for the next range session. gotta tell ya, if you don't like attention then this is NOT the gun for you, I felt like I was in a zoo once I starting firing the Alaskan as it seemed like everyone that was inside the range on the firing line stopped what they were doing to see what I was shooting, even people outside the firing line that were waiting to get in ended up standing outside the windows looking in. the Alaskan had some impressive muzzle flash and my son said the muzzle blast was heavy. here is a short youtube.com video:

02-19-2007, 9:54 PM
Nice fireballs! I have been trying to talk myself into a big-bore snubby (S&W Trail Boss), but I in no way need it or find it very practical. . .therefor I obviously must buy one. :D