View Full Version : WTS: Midwest Industries SS9 midlength FF rail.

11-05-2011, 1:58 PM
Like title says. Bought this to use on my middy, but ended up getting a good deal on a 12" so went that route.

Has a few scratches, and some nicks by the barrel nut. Nothing major, and the scratches in the picture look much worse then they actually are(can't even notice them unless you tilt it in the light). Especially the one by the anti-rotation hole. The flash is really making it look horrible. It's a "deep" scratch, not a surface scratch though.

The bad. The anti-rotation screw was stripped, the threads look good on the rail. This is a common problem with MI rails. I had the same thing happen on a T-series rail. They have a tendency not to have enough "thread"/grab on them and strip out. I'm sure if you contact MI, Troy will send you a new one free of charge.

Please note, the Anti-rotation screw is not needed to lock the rail up. With out it, it basically acts like a YHM rail, in that the jam nut keeps the rail from moving. Will still lock up solid.

Come's with a new barrel nut, and a 4" bottom rail.
Asking $100shipped.OBO Will entertain all offers. USPS MO, or Paypal+4%(Or gift) Please IM me, don't post on here.

11-11-2011, 5:15 AM