View Full Version : Used Colt Python 6" BL - Arsenal AK's - Colt AR's

11-04-2011, 11:03 AM
Hey Guys -

We got a used 6" Blue Colt Python in today. Has a bit of holster wear on the barrel. This gun was an SFPD gun and comes with the belt/holster setup. $1250

We also got some new Arsenal AK's - 7.62X39 Plum Warsaw Length and Black Nato Length

Colt AR's are going to be here. Factory bullet button guns!

We have the following AR's on the shelf:
Spike's Carbine w/ Carry Handle
Spike's Midlength w/ Carry Handle
Spike's Midlength w/ MBUS
Spike's Midlength with BAR Rail + CTR +MBUS
Spike's 10.5 Pistol w/ BAR Rail
Spike's 10.5 Pistol w/fsb
Spike's 7.5 Pistol w/BAR
Stag 3
Stag 8
Smith and Wesson M&P15 Tactical
Special Ops Tactical Midlenght MOE
Daniel Defense DDM4
Daniel Defense DDM4V3
GSE 6.5 Pistol w/e Short Buffer

Sig 556 Patrol
Sig 551-A1