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11-04-2011, 11:02 AM
http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/public/7TvGeTYFc8k-jwckW1qZWSau0e0NxP5WkR5oxdVsyMuNK1R53QnU9TLOiAydkg kvYUqJHgL2Ti2gBgRhFtjUaFvlV-ud40TP5dlClgIIzNBLdKAa-i8PLu1cPkh6pw
hey guys,

i'm selling my canon white 100-400mm lens with image stabilization. very gently used (only a few times!) and it comes with a padded carrying case and tripod mount.

i'm selling the lens to fund a new 1911 kimber tactical custom II. i'm flexible at $1450, and please shoot me a message if you are interested. i'm primarily looking for cash but i would be willing to accept cash + something else in trade. if you have smaller revolver (something for my wife) or a a tac custom II we can work something out.

i'm located in the oc, but i'm in long beach pretty frequently. i'd prefer to sell this face to face, but i am willing to ship if you live far away.


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