View Full Version : Caldwell Insta-View Target - Product Review

02-18-2007, 7:40 PM
I recently made a purchase from Midway, and needing to avoid the special handling charge I added a package of these to my order.

I'm a long time user of Birchwood Casey's Shoot NC products. They're really great whether one is doing load testing or just plinking. Especially at ranges of 200 to 500 yards. Saves a lot of time walking down range to eye ball your hits.

But Midway had stopped carrying the BC line a while back, and is just know getting ready to sell them again, so I thought I'd give the Caldwell Insta-View a try. The price was listed as a "Close Out Special" so I can't say if a) they will carry them anymore or b) if the price will be the same in the future.

I bought a 40 pack of the 8" round targets for the dealer (FFL/C&R holder) price of $13.29. Retail price was $18.99. That compares very favorably with the price of a 25 pack of Birchwood Casey 8" round Shoot NC targets at $12.99 dealer price, $19.99 retail price.

The way the Insta-View works is essentially the same as the Shoot NC. A black background the when shot leaves a hole with a yellow circle around it.

There are 2 big differences.
1) Whereas the Shoot NC is a peel off paster with an adhesive backing that you stick onto the target / paper, the Inst-View is a paper target itself that needs to be stapled / taped onto the target frame / backer. The paper size is approximately 8.5"x11", is pretty heavy paper - at least as thick or thicker than most standard target paper - and outside the black is a bright gloss white. It also has some lines on the top right corner for noting the date, load, etc.

2) The lines are considerably thicker than those on a Shoot NC. In addition to yellow circle lines within the black like a Shoot NC, it also has vertical and horizontal lines. The circles are not numbered like a Shoot NC. The Insta-View also does not come with any small "repair" pasters to cover any previous shots.

I liked having the "target" on heavy paper. When all done it was easy to pull it off the target backer and save for later review and evaluation at home, and to make notes on. The black also seemed to be more "scratch resistant" than a Shoot NC, i.e. the black wasn't scratced off as easily when handling or laying on the bench leaving unwanted yellow streaks prior to shooting it.

What I didn't like was the thickness of the yellow lines. I was shooting a 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser with a 10X Leupold scope at 200 yards. It was a tad hazy and breezy today, and at 200 yards if a shot was close to, or on one of the lines, it was difficult to tell for sure if there was a hit, or 2 hits close together. Had I been shooting a .30 cal or larger, or using my Kowa spotting scope it would not have been an issue. Had I been shooting an AR or even smaller caliber the problem would have been worse.

I think after using them I still prefer the Shoot NC targets, but if the Insta-View can be found for the same price I paid for mine I would buy them. I got 60 percent more product for the same price.

Below is an unshot Insta-View, the one I shot today, and 8" round Shoot NC on Midway's website. I didn't use a flash because of the glare off the glossy white paper (I'm not real sharp with a camera) so it's not near as bright in the pic as it is in real life.