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SoCal AJ
11-03-2011, 5:22 PM
New to Cal Guns, but I've been lurking a little while and reading some great threads. Very happy to find an active community in banifornia that is trying to hold onto whats left of our rights! :)

I have been hunting, fishing and shooting since I was a kid, I have my father and grandfather to thank for that, and it has been great times spent in the field.

I'm getting back into reloading after a long absence, so it's basically like starting all over again, I'd say my biggest hurdle with that is I have a lot of different calibers and even among the common ones like AR's for example I have several different uppers so I'm gonna have to dig deep into the OCD locker to document every single thing and try every single recipe in all the different configurations I have for .223 for example before I finally find the loads that they really like. Oh well... time well spent right?!

I wouldn't say I'm the most "prepared" person I've ever talked to but I think I'm definitely ahead of the curve. For example when we had the SoCal power outage I had my choice of both of my emergency radios and most of my buddies at work didnt have any! lol They are now rethinking those decisions and I think that's a good thing, you don't have to be ready for zombies to at least be ready to hear the news, eat food and drink water for 72 hours or a week in case of some kind of freak emergency like an earthquake or firestorms or unforeseen people in AZ turning off the power in CA heh

lately besides different firearms I've been working on, a .308 AR build, and modding one of my .45's with a proper front sight I've been working on a B.O.M.B. not sure how many people are familiar with that, it's a Blow Out Medical Bag. I bring it to the range when I'm shooting, I've been working on learning knowledge from both EMT-B textbooks and Army combat medic training manuals so I can do the basics to keep someone among the living in case there's an emergency, hopefully long enough for competent aid to arrive. My goal is to be johnny on the spot if something really bad happens, not replace professional expertise... I don't want to switch careers and become a paramedic although actually that would be really cool, but I'm pretty much locked into what I'm doing and way too far down the road to start over now :)

So... hiya!

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welcome to the forum.

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Welcome aboard~!

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Nice to have you here :)

Mind if I ask what your current profession is?

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Welcome aboard!

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Welcome aboard.

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Welcome to the forum.

SoCal AJ
11-04-2011, 6:10 PM
Nice to have you here :)

Mind if I ask what your current profession is?

I work in IT, but more to do with enterprise applications and databases, very little with desktop kind of stuff. Sorry, I'm not a very good go-to guy for things most home users want to know, heh I have to rely on our desktop guys for that myself! ;)

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Welcome to Calguns! :)

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Welcome aboard!