View Full Version : any experience with the ATN Ultra Sight?

02-18-2007, 3:30 PM
just wondering if anyone has used the ATN red dot sight system.,.,.,io already bought one .,.,.,havent had chance to use it ,.,.:eek:

02-18-2007, 3:49 PM
Actually, the ATN Ultra is one of the only good products ATN makes. I've sold a number of them, and have not heard anything bad about them.

02-18-2007, 3:59 PM
no news is good news i guess.,.,.,i would love to see an objective review on it!

02-18-2007, 6:54 PM
Here are some reviews at midway, depending on which model you're talking about:


02-18-2007, 7:01 PM
I bought one for my kel-tec. I really liked it a lot, but I ended up returning it and bought a telescopic scope instead. (returned it because I just decided I wanted to shoot long range only) In hind sight, I wish I just kept that ATN it was sweet. Buy it!

02-18-2007, 9:28 PM
I've had one on an AR flat top for about 2 years. I had a problem with the battery holder at first, but a little tight up on the spring and cleaning of the battery solved it. It works well, and is quick and easy to aquire and sight on a target. Being able to work with both eyes open is an advantage. I like it, and it is a good sight for the price.

02-18-2007, 9:29 PM
I don't have much experience with the ATN Ultra sight but my shooting buddy has been using one for a few months. I really like that you can choose what reticle you want to use and that the sight lies in an open plane. Plus, it wasn't too hard to zero as it took only 10 rounds to do so. BUT, you'll want to watch those mounting screws real close. His sight comes loose all the freakin' time. He's thinking about using Blue Loctite because it's gotten so bad. Anyway, good luck with it and post your observations.

02-19-2007, 7:00 PM
it worked great.,.,very responsive adjustments.,.,.,300 rounds with no loosening of anything.,.,.,same groupings as my buddy with a $500 eotec.,.,., of coures if i dropped mine.,.,.,say byebye