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I have this Heavy Bag Stand with speed bag for trade/sale:


Bag Not Included!

the stand with speed bag ($280): http://www.amazon.com/Century-Heavy-Bag-Speed-Stand/dp/B000EZURAO

Asking $50 or trade for the equivalent in ammo (.223, .380, or .357 sig).

Located in Fairfield. No delivery. Please PM if you're interested.

Thanks for looking!

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The perfect Christmas gift for an aspiring DJ!

Up for sale is an awesome CD DJ setup. Just plug it in, connect it to your sound system, and you'll be mixing it up in minutes! This is professional grade equipment. Both the CD decks and mixer are mounted in a super sturdy Pioneer flight case. It was meant for the professional DJ and means business. I am the original owner and have used this setup maybe 20 hours, so it has plenty of life left in it.

None of the original boxes are included.

partial trade for ammo (.223, .380, or .357 sig) or
a .22LR Rifle or Pistol +cash

Pick up in Fairfield or I will ship on your dime.

Please PM if you're interested.




Pioneer CMX-5000 Dual CD Deck

Pioneer has entered the new Millennium with a product set to redefine the DJ market. The CMX-5000, a stylish and innovative rack mountable twin CD mixing system, is set to rock the deepest foundations of DJ/club culture. In addition to all the excellent features of the CDJ-500S the CMX-5000 has Legato Link Conversion, enhanced memory, improved anti-vibration construction, multi-read functionality, slot in CD, large easy use Jog Dials with transparent centers for clear display AND, if this wasn't enough, is equipped with the world's first automatic mixing function enabling the system to mix tracks by itself!
Regardless of whether its use is amateur or professional, super club or bar, mobile or resident the CMX-5000 will always perform to the highest standards.

Pioneer DJM-300S

Auto BPM Counter
The Beat-Per-Minute counter is capable of accurately measuring the BPIM of almost any kind of dance music automatically. This function includes a digital indication that allows you to confirm the tempo of the current selection at a glance and takes the guesswork out of comparing the beats of different selections. In addition, the DJM's BPM counter works equally well when monitoring CD player and other digital sources or analog sources such as a turntable.

Separate -26dB 3-Band EQ for Each Channel
The DJM-300S is equipped with separate 3-band (High/Mid/Low) EQ that allows the DJ to adjust the output of each channel independently at the turn of a dial. By enabling attenuation of up to -26dB, the system makes it possible to effectively silence unwanted channels or adjust each channel's output level exactly as desired. Pioneer has also included a separate +12dB boost capability for each channel for when you want to add emphasis to particular sections.

Fader Start Play
Connecting the DJM-300S to the CDJ Series allows you to take advantage of Fader Start Play; by increasing the Fader, on the mixer, the player will automatically override the Pause control and start the music immediately. Fader Start Play also works during Cross Fading, an industry first that brings out the best of sampler-style music.

Fader Back Cue Play
When the DJM-300S is used with the CDJ Series, the Fader or Cross Fader controls can also return you automatically to a designated cue point if desired. By fading Cross Fader back and forth or Fader up and down quickly, you can give the "essence" of scratching a certain point on a vinyl record.

Other Features

Headphone Monitor Switching Function
This handy function makes sound source monitoring more convenient and flexible than ever by allowing you to switch easily between all-channel stereo, all-channel mixed stereo and all-channel left/right distributed monitoring.

Trim Function
Separate Trim controls allow you to perform flexible compensation by individually raising or lowing the input level for each channel to enable almost effortless mixing of selections recorded at different signal levels.

Equalizer-Equipped Microphone
The special equalizer controlling the microphone input means you can set the EQ to HIGH to give your voice greater clarity and presence, or to LOW to enable a variety of microphone sound presentations. Moreover, the EQ can also be used to compensate for feedback or burst sounds.

Phono/Line Switchable Inputs
Using the rear-mounted switches, the rear PHONO inputs can be used as line-inputs to allow the connection of a number of sound-source combinations. In short, the DJM-300S allows even DJs who don't use an analog turntable to make flexible use of four separate sound source inputs.

Master/Channel Level Meter
During normal operation, the DJM-300S's level indicator displays the Master output level. When the Master/Channel Level button is pressed, the input level of each channel can be displayed in turn for quick confirmation of the current channel level input status. A Highly-Reliable Unit that Combines High-Sound Quality with Industrial-Use Durability Pioneer has designed the DJM-300 and DJM300-S as tough pieces of hardware that can cope with hard work. We've employed high-durability industrial-use components for the Faders, Volume controls and other rotary controls, and the Cross Fader is designed to be easily replaced from the top panel. On the audio side, we've paid special attention toward ensuring that, regardless of the sound source, the DJM-300S reproduces all original input sounds faithfully and without unwanted distortion.

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More pics:




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