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11-01-2011, 8:40 PM
i have been trying to find load data for 150gr plated bullets using aa2230 but am unable to locate anything. recommendations or maybe a link or something would be appreciated. thanks in advance calgunners

11-02-2011, 7:23 AM
any takers? please??

11-02-2011, 8:27 AM
I just looked on Accurate Arms site and found this:

We do not have specific published load information for the A-2230-C powder.
A-2230 C has the same burn rate as the standard A-2460.
Therefore any published load information for the standard A-2460 product can be used AS IS.

I looked at the site and did not find load data for A 2460. Sorry.


11-02-2011, 9:00 AM
dang this is a tougher than it should be it seems. i've heard of people loading 30-30 win with 2230 but oi havent come across any load data for it. i have come across load data for a 115gr jacketed bullet with it but that doesnt apply to my situation. can never be to safe when reloading

11-02-2011, 10:05 AM
Yeah sorry buddy, did a quick search for you and came up with nothing. I'm interested as well becuase I plan to get a lever in 30-30 in the future and I reload. They said usually for plated bullets, you can use lead data for it. But on their website, the lightest lead bullet weight is 170 grain. Unless you have alot of this powder, maybe switch powder?

11-02-2011, 10:10 AM
Sounds like you're trying to use the wrong powder for your cartridge and bullet choices. Either change your powder choice or chnge your projo choice.

11-02-2011, 11:00 AM
ya i found a load in my lyman reloading manual for a 150gr jacketed RN it says to use 30gr of AA2230 as the starting load and i've heard in the past that you could load plated bullets in between lead and jacketed bullets as far as the powder charge. i was thinking of using about 28.5gr of aa2230 but before i do i am going to research it further and continue to ask questions. safety first. unfortunately i have to drive a pretty long friggin way to get any reloading supplies and with my budget i dont have the money to order online in large enough quantities for it to be worth it. but i do have PLENTY of aa2230(theres never enough though). what about unique powder? it has load data for that with lead bullets and its only 7-10.6gr. i would be able to geta lot more bullets made from one can of powder. but if its unsafe then no. what do you guys think?

11-02-2011, 4:07 PM
i have been loading 30-30 with a 150 gr plated flat nose with aa 2230 powder with 30gr and it shoots real good out of a marlin 336 give it a try

11-02-2011, 4:35 PM
thats the rifle i am going to be using. so i called up western powder or whatever(accurate) and talked to a guy he looked it all up for me and said for plated 150 grain FPs 27-30gr of AA2230. he said the 27gr load should put it at about 2000 fps. on the berrys bullets website whose ammo i am using says to not exceed 1700fps. i think i will try 26.8 grains and see how it works out. the lyman reload manual says all their data for this cartridge is from a 24" barrel. their load for a 150gr jacketed bullet with 30 grains put it at 2105fps. so a 20" barrel shooting 150gr plated FPs with roughly 27gr should be about right.

11-02-2011, 5:52 PM
I loaded up a couple hundred 30-30 rounds with 6.9 grains of Unique under a 150 grain cast bullet to shoot my duelling post with. It's a fun load that has almost no recoil. You should be able to load your 150gr plated bullets with 9-10 grains and have fun plinking with them.

Dark Mod
11-02-2011, 6:13 PM
Ive been very curious about using plated bullets for 30-30, not to hijack the thread, but how well do they work? how fast can you push them? I will also be shooting these with a marlin 336

11-03-2011, 3:56 AM
i would not go any more than what i loaded them to 30gr of aa 2230 aprox 2200 fps it shoots real good

11-03-2011, 7:31 AM
i will be firing off my first set of 25 today and will report back tonight. the load is as follows:150gr plated FPs on top of 27gr of AA2230 with a seating depth of 2.54. (this is all off memory i dont have it in front of me) more to come later...

11-03-2011, 3:50 PM
Well, there's some data in a 2000 Loadbooks. A Sierra 150 (which is, of course, a flat nose jacketed) goes from 27.3 and 2000 fps to 31.8/2250. The same book recommends 23.4/1736 to 26.0/1973 for a 152 L Gas check bullet in the Accurate powders pages. In the same section, Accurate recommended 28.5/2000 to 31.7/2273

Keep in mind that this data is somewhat out of date, but it should still be pretty close to correct.

It sounds like your load should work fairly well. Please tell us how it went!

11-03-2011, 6:37 PM
Here and are some pictures from the 5th edition sierra manual.

Dark Mod
11-03-2011, 7:30 PM
So just to recap, no one has a problem pushing plated bullets past 2000 fps? if so this will save me a ton of money over buying Sierra jacketed bullets

11-03-2011, 8:00 PM
I have no experience with plated bullets. But I am told (here we go with 3rd hand information again!) that plated = lead as far as loads. Again, no experience first hand. Keep us informed. Go ahead and shoot them, say I. If it leads up the barrel, then back off a grain or 2.

11-03-2011, 8:21 PM
so i shot them all off without any issues. didnt really do any accuracy testing on the rounds, just kind of took slow shots and and made sure there were no signs of over pressure. i was also keeping an eye on the rounds going into the chamber after a fired shot to see if the COL decreased since i am not crimping them and it is a tubular magazine. all was well no issues anywhere and i was hitting water bottles out to 100 yards... missed a few times(it happens, we're only human)but i was kinda pressed on time and only had 25 rounds. loaded up 50 more tonight and i plan on loading more later and going back out and see how well it groups. the rifle was my grandfathers and i haven't had too much trigger time with it so i don't know what the rifle does accuracy wise anyways even with factory ammo. i guess i'll find out soon enough.

thanks for all the input. i got a lot more answers and info than i thought i would. i'll post back later with pics when i get around to it.