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11-01-2011, 6:57 PM
You listening Discovery, NatGeo and Travel Channels?

What are your ideas for new Survival type shows? Here is the beginning of mine:

Follow one family per show(s) and run them through a scenario for a week. At the end have some experts critique them and then discuss it with the family directly to allow for two way conversation.

Example Scenarios:
Hoof it: Make a family hoof it out and live off their back and what they can catch

On the Road: Make a family evacuate via vehicle and then have the vehicle break down

My Home is My Castle: Make a family shelter in place and cut their power, water, and gas

The scenarios would need to be worked on as would events that occur during the week to keep it real. Also, additional scenarios are needed.

What are your ideas?

Oh, and no Producers trying to ridicule the culture.

11-01-2011, 7:03 PM
Turn off the TV and keep it that way indefinitely? :oji:

11-02-2011, 9:02 AM
Top shot teachers.

Take average Joe's ant have top shot winners train them for the competitions.

May need more top shot seasons first

11-02-2011, 11:26 AM
Winging this on the spot here so bear with me.

Event: CBRN
Players: Four units from 1-8 members each.
Setting: Bunker, Cavern, Mine, and Sewer System.
Timeline: 6 weeks; 1 week for CBRN event to clear and the remaining 6 weeks for help to arrive. Show can be extended of course.

Story Setting:
A CBRN event has taken place at a mil/gov/utility facility. Four units of players have 2 hours before the wind drifts the virus/plague/fallout into their small town. First unit consisting of one individual takes to the sewers with his shotgun, pistol, and random supllies stuffed into his pack. Second unit of three co-workers working night security at a local mine, they grab what supplies are in the mine buildings and vehicles and take to ground. Third unit is composed of two familes totaling 8 that prepped together and cram into a small bunker. Fourth unit consists of a group of two non married couples who were about to camp in the local forest when they heard the CBRN warning on their emergency radio. With the camping supplies on their backs they decide to take refuge in a cavern nearby.

Now Depending upon what type of CBRN event took place will dictate how the producers make them interact with their environment. But let's say the first 6 days they must stay underground. Would appeal to my sense of humor to see how these units react in confined spaces while being sleep, information, and ration deprived(much like boot, lol). After the 6 days they are able to forage for supplies. For the sake of the scenario lets say the units can not ally, but can raid each other if they find one another. The CBRN has killed off most if not all natural food sources. Making it impossible to gather supplies without venturing into town. I suggest the use of simunition being used in the scenario to offer the possiblity of inflicting casualties on other units. Scenario could also include some random opfor units that are included to aid in storyline. Although personally just the four units described would be my preference. Even if the other units never found each other it would make for an interesting show.

Anyway I could spend another 5 minutes winging more into this but let's stop here. Discovery can have me write the rest when they send me a check ;)

11-02-2011, 4:43 PM
How about prepers going head to head with challlenges from the reper world like a top shot for preppers.