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02-17-2007, 6:31 PM
any one have a xd sub? i am thinking about getting one. just wanted to see how its shooting and feeling. i have the full size 45 and love it. any info would be great

02-17-2007, 6:43 PM
Have one in .40 S&W and I love it. The .40 is a snappy little round with the short barrel and takes a little getting used to. I shot the .45 full size and the recoil pulse is more manageable. But I still like my .40:D

02-17-2007, 7:13 PM
how about the grips? can u get ur hole hand around it?
thanks for the info

02-17-2007, 11:01 PM
Most people can't get all their fingers on the XD sub grips without the mag extensions. Here are a few quickpics of mine with and without Pearce extensions. You lose a little compactness, but gain controllability.

With mag extension:

Without extension:

Mag differences:

02-18-2007, 6:56 AM
those mags sure make a big diffence. i always hated trying to shoot a compact with ur fingers falling off the bottom. does the gun come with the mag extenders? sure looks like a sweet gun. just have to think about what cal to get it in
thanks for the pics

02-18-2007, 7:06 AM
The XD magazine extensions are made by Pearce. See: http://www.pearcegrip.com/springxd.htm

I have them on my XD9 Subcompact, too:


02-18-2007, 7:50 AM
cool thanks for the link. need to get one of those compacts. u guys take some great gun pics. should get a job with some gun mags just taking pics

02-18-2007, 8:20 AM
do those XD - 9 subcompacts kick bad? My 100 lb G/F wants one really bad but it is a short pistol which usually means its going to kick more....

02-18-2007, 9:23 AM
My 9mm's not too bad on recoil, though I imagine the 40 would be a lot snappier, as 762cavalier says. It's a heavy gun for a subcompact, at about 33 oz loaded, and a lot of the weight's in the slide. That's about 3 oz more than a Glock 17 with 10 rounds.

It's got a fat grip, so depending on her hand size, that may be an issue. The SIG P239, as a comparison, is about the same weight, but is a lot slimmer, and handling is very different.

I'd recommend shooting any subcompact before buying, since handling can be trickier on them than on full-size guns.

02-18-2007, 10:03 AM
another nice small compact in 9mm is the karh. think thats the spelling. but it also fites the hands pretty good and is very small for a 9mm

02-19-2007, 7:59 AM
do those XD - 9 subcompacts kick bad? My 100 lb G/F wants one really bad but it is a short pistol which usually means its going to kick more....

Felt recoil for the 9mm model is mild. When compared to a S&W Airweight .38 Snubnose it's as gentle as a newborn baby bird. Your woomin will love it.

02-19-2007, 10:20 AM
Love my xd's! I have the full size and compact in .40 caliber. There is a thread on AR15.com about using the .40 mags in the 9mm to add round count to the 9mm. Not sure if I'd do it. Bending feed lips scares me a bit.

02-20-2007, 4:24 PM
yea when u start bending things trying to get more out of something not made for it gets a little scary. would not have to count on it if something bad happens.