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10-26-2011, 5:46 PM
I have two part kits I am looking to sell to help offset medical bills. Prices are OBO (no lowball stuff...) and preferential to local sales as this stuff is HEAVY!! Located in San Diego.

SOLD#1- M3AC .50 caliber parts kit. $1900 shipped or $1800 FTF. This is the aircraft version of the infamous M2HB ground gun. This is a mostly complete kit. All of the large assemblies are there except for the left side plate, belt pawl brackets, cocking bracket, and some misc small parts. A KMP semi-auto 80% right side plate is included, but not pictured. The only internal assembly already machined for semi-auto is the barrel extention. The bolt and buffer assembly will still need machining to operate and I can recommend who I normally have do the work if needed. This kit also includes a rare M3 buffer spade grip backplate and M3 cable charger. All parts needed to complete this into a working gun are available and plentiful from numerous vendors.

#2- Withdrawn for now....