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Mike A
10-26-2011, 2:38 PM
I know this question has been answered before, so just direct me to a thread that answers it, if it takes a lot of typing to answer.

I want to ship a GP-100 to a Ruger collector out of state. Can I ship it directly from UPS to his FFL, or do I need to have a California FFL ship it to his FFL? Will I need to have a copy of the FFL I'm shipping to, if I ship directly?

Do I need to make sure that his FFL will accept a gun from an individual, in the case where I can ship directly?

10-26-2011, 4:59 PM
It is perfectly legal for an individual to ship a firearm to an FFL ... you don't have to ship via another FFL.

If you ship via UPS (which is how I generally ship guns), you have to ship the gun through a UPS shipping hub, NOT a UPS store (they're not allowed to ship guns because their employees are not bonded). If you're going to create a UPS shipment AT the shipping hub, let the person at the counter verbally know it's a firearm, but just put the Make/Model of the firearm on paperwork. Handguns must be shipped via Overnight (UPS Red). And the shipment must be sent with an "Adult Signature Required" option.

It would certainly be a good idea to contact the FFL beforehand to let them know that you're shipping them a gun (and confirm that they'll accept the shipment). Also, for shipping purposes, ask the gun-dealer to email you a copy of their FFL. Print it out and bring the copy to the UPS shipping center (or post office, if you go that route). You don't "need" to have a copy of the FFL, but if asked, you can show proof that the address you're shipping to is an FFL ... which should shut down any arguments you might get from a shipping clerk.

I would also insert a copy of the FFL and a copy of your driver's license in the box with the gun (the FFL will need a copy of your driver's license for the transfer).

To avoid potential hassles at the UPS counter, a slightly easier method is to create your own UPS account (it's free) and create the shipment online. If you bring a box into the UPS center already labeled, they'll generally just take the box ... no questions asked.

PS - Always make sure the gun is unloaded ... and don't include any ammo in the shipping box.

Mike A
10-26-2011, 5:47 PM
Many thanks, heycorey. I think that covers it!

I have shipped many long guns via UPS and do include a copy of the receiver's FFL, but wasn't sure about handguns.

I have found that employees at my "local" (only ten miles away in Cypress) UPS "Customer Service Center"are very much up to speed on both CA, Federal, and UPS gun shipping regulations. They even gave me labels for shipping ammo! But they DON'T have a listed phone.....

10-26-2011, 6:01 PM
But they DON'T have a listed phone.....

Well ... they wouldn't want to make it easy. :facepalm: