View Full Version : Another Group buy for WC-846 and WC-844 in Bakersfield area.

02-15-2007, 8:57 AM
I want to do a group buy to save on hazmat/shipping like the Orange County boys are doing....

I stole this from their group buy...lol....sorry guys.:p


1. WC-844 or WC-846 military powder (4 units minimum to avoid hazard fee) $80 for 8 lbs case
Shipping will be:
a) 4 units $43 or
b) 6 units $55

I want at 2- 8lbs units....so I need people to combine to get at least 2 more units total...or even better 4 more for the best deal on shipping.

So...who's interested in the Bakersfield area?