View Full Version : The Up Coming SD Gunshow

02-14-2007, 8:28 PM
Well it has been about 9 weeks since I purchased my stag lower and let me tell you, my lower has been super lonely. For those long 9 weeks it has been in tears crying to me in the middle of the night.. "Assemble me! What are you waiting for!"Well alas! Wait no longer! Behold! This saturday you will get the works for being such a good patient trooper. (Even though you wined every night) lol ok enough of that....

Yeahhhh Booyeeee! Going to get my stag upper, buttstock, Forward PG, Front handguards, and a nice ol EOTech. BOOM!

What else is everyone getting at the show? Come on you know you want to spend some of your tax return!! :D What are your plans?