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10-22-2011, 1:33 PM
Make your own ballistic vest or ballistic panels. Purchase a carrier separately and cut out panels to fit it, or else design your own carrier.

I have several rolls of Gold Flex ballistic laminate, 60" wide. I think 25-28 layers are needed for a Level II or III ballistic panel, but I'm just basing that figure on Internet hearsay. I am not an expert on ballistic vest manufacture. I purchased this stuff at $34.80 per linear yard to manufacture protective equipment for motorcycle racing, but I never used much of it. It has been stored on the roll, in a box, out of sunlight in a temperature controlled environment.

I will sell any length at $15 per linear yard. By my calculations, you could make full-size front and back ballistic panels for about 6-7 yards total laminate. But you will need to figure out what size and shape panels you want to cut out to determine this for yourself. You can cut this stuff out with good quality, heavy-duty scissors but it is not like cutting paper--you have to take short little bites with the scissors so it takes a little while to cut all this out. Razor blades work too, but not as well in my opinion for curved lines.

I also have several yards of Kevlar twill (17x17) on the roll (48" wide) that I purchased for $30/yard. I will sell this for $15/yd.

Lastly, I have several yards of Spectra fabric. I don't know its specs off hand, but it looks physically like 500 denier nylon. It cost me $22.25/yard on the roll (48"). I will sell it for $15/yd. If you want something like Cordura nylon, but using extravagantly strong and chemical resistant fiber, this is perfect.

You can pick up in Napa, or PayPal me, adding $10 for shipping (more for large orders). Feel free to ask questions on board, or PM me, or call me at 510 734 6816.

Keywords: armor IIIA kevlar aramid